How to Check My BVN Without a Phone Number
16 January 2024

How to Check My BVN Without a Phone Number

By Moses Enang

Checking Your BVN Without a Phone Number – Getting your BVN in the event of a misplaced or stolen phone number is been schemed by many to be a daunting task. People also think about the long lines at the banking halls and the time it will take to retrieve it when you decide to go to your bank’s branch for retrieval. This article will provide you with various methods by which you can retrieve your BVN when you are without a phone number.

BVN, Bank Verification Number in full,  is an eleven-digit ID number that entails every personal information of customers who are citizens of Nigeria. To date, banks require a BVN for most of their financial transactions. The BVN helps link customers’ biometric data, such as face identification and fingerprints, to all their bank accounts. This centralized system aids in fake or duplicated identity detection.

In the registration process, the bank would require biometric data like fingerprints and facial scans. Other requirements are linked to customers’ names, birthdates, addresses, and phone numbers. Moreover, the BVN system cross-checks data across banks to catch duplicate or fake identities. Everybody is entitled to just one Bank Verification Number as a universal financial ID.

What is the BVN used for? How much is 1 Dollar to Naira

The BVN has been an essential requirement for various financial transactions and services in Nigeria, and it can also be used for the following:

  • Opening new individual and corporate bank accounts with any bank.
  • Operating existing individual or business accounts.
  • Obtaining loans and credit facilities from banks.
  • Transferring funds between accounts in your name at different banks.
  • Receiving payments like salaries, pensions, and social benefits from public and private organizations.
  • Registering for tax identification numbers.
  • Portfolio investment registrations like mutual funds.
  • Enrolling in insurance policies.
  • Continuing education, like professional exams.

The BVN serves as your financial identity. It helps banks identify you uniquely while conducting transactions across the banking system. Additionally, BVN also aids security agencies, tax administration, pensions, voter registration, and other agencies to check identities and track financial activities.

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When is BVN required?

You need to provide your BVN in a wide range of situations, including:

  • To open a new individual or corporate bank account.
  • Applying for any type of bank loan or overdraft.
  • Withdrawing or transferring above a threshold, like N500,000, at the banks.
  • Receiving large sums like salaries, lottery winnings, and insurance benefits.
  • Making big-ticket purchases like buying property or cars.
  • Registering for professional exams like ICAN provides links to transcripts.
  • Applying for international passports, driver’s licenses, voter’s cards.
  • Getting a mobile phone number or electricity connection.
  • Registering with some government agencies and parastatals.

BVN essentially serves as an ID confirmation for major financial, governmental, educational, and other transactions. Authorities increasingly request that the BVN be used to authenticate identities and monitor financial activities.

How to Check BVN Without Phone Number

You may be wondering if you can get your BVN without access to the phone number that was registered with it. Not having access to the phone number registered with your Bank Verification Number (BVN) can seem worrying, but it is possible to get your BVN number in such a situation. Here are various methods that are convenient for retrieving your BVN without needing your phone number.Types Of Bank Accounts

1. ATM Method

This method simply requires you to walk into any bank branch and insert your ATM card into the machine. You can then click on the ‘Check BVN’ option that will appear on the ATM screen, and your 11-digit BVN will be displayed for you to note down somewhere safe. This retrieval method is an instant one and it works for ATM cards issued by all Nigerian banks.

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2. Bank Branch

Also, you can pay a visit to your bank branch and request your BVN retrieval. This can be achieved by filling out the retrieval form or through an application letter. Make sure you make available a valid means of identification, such as your national ID card, driver’s licence, international passport, or voter’s ID card, along with the request. Verification of your identity and personal details will be done at the branch in their system and after that, they will retrieve the BVN linked to your accounts, which you can then note down.

3. NIBSS Website

Another option is to pay a direct visit to the websites or self-service portals of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) or Nigerian Interbank Settlement Scheme (NIBSS). Their websites house the central BVN database. On these platforms, you can select the ‘BVN Enquiry’ option and carefully enter your details, such as name, date of birth, etc., and the system will look up and display your associated BVN. You can either print or screenshot the page that has your BVN on display so that you can use it in the future when needed.

4. Email NIBSS How To Find Your Account Number with Phone

For additional verification, you can email a scanned copy of a valid ID card along with your details to NIBSS, requesting BVN retrieval. You are required to send this mail only from your personal registered email address. The NIBSS support team will verify the request and send your 11-digit BVN directly to your email.

5. Bank Statement or E-Statement

Also, you can log in to your bank account online or visit your branch to request a printed statement. Your 11-digit BVN will be displayed on your account statement for you to note down. This method quickly retrieves your BVN without needing a phone number or extra steps.

However, using any of these reliable methods, you can easily recover your lost BVN quickly and with less stress, as long as you have a valid means of identification. Your phone number is not mandatory, and you can check your BVN without it through various channels.

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Tips to Keep Your BVN Secure

Here are some tips to keep your BVN protected from unauthorized access or misuse:

  • Try not to disclose your BVN unnecessarily on unclear phone calls, emails, messages, or websites where it may be phished.
  • Make sure you review your account statements frequently to check for suspicious entries and report them immediately.
  • Use token authenticators, or OTPs, for transactions to prevent unauthorized debits.
  • Update your phone number directly at your bank if it is lost, so no one else links it to your BVN.
  • Report stolen ID cards used for BVN registration to prevent identity theft.
  • Change passwords periodically and make them very secure with special characters.
  • Only visit bank premises or trusted websites directly to avoid hacking attempts.
  • Ensure the BVN is linked to a biometric ID, like a fingerprint, at the bank to prevent unauthorized access.


Keeping your BVN fully protected ensures your identity, bank accounts, and financial transactions remain secure. Additionally, you need BVN or NIN to open an account with Palmpay, Opay and some other Fintech Apps a new guideline from the Central Bank of Nigeria, more reasons you need it always. Finally, safely checking your BVN without a phone number is possible for your peace of mind. Follow the tips provided above to keep your financial identity and information safe against misuse by others.

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