Steps to Apply for Google Store Financing and Manage Payments
7 February 2024

Steps to Apply for Google Store Financing and Manage Payments

By Moses Enang

Steps to Apply for Google Store Financing and Manage Payments  – Need a new Pixel phone but don’t have hundreds of dollars ready to drop today? It’s fine and  I’ve also had such an experience too. The good news is that Google Store Financing lets you split your purchase into monthly payments over 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months. So you can get the latest gadgets without blowing your whole budget.

This financing works specifically for Google Store purchases only for new Pixel phones, Nest products, Fitbits, and more. It’s not like their Google Store Preferred Credit Card that can be used anywhere.

We have listed the steps on how to apply for the financing option right in the Google Store. I’ll also compare it to other retail credit financing offers from places like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. What fees apply? What’s the interest rate? Are there penalties for paying off early? I’ll analyze the pros and cons of each program.

A few key benefits that make Google Store Financing worth a look:

  • No annual fees
  • You may qualify even with no credit history
  • 0% APR if paid within the first 90 days
  • No prepayment penalties

I’ll share tips to avoid interest charges, explain monthly payment calculations, and help you manage payments. So by the end, you’ll know if Google Store Financing is the right flexible way to finally get the Pixel or Nest gadget of your dreams!

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What is Google Store financing?

Google Store financing allows you to split up payments for Google devices you buy, instead of paying the whole cost upfront. For example, you could finance a $799 Pixel phone by paying $66 a month over 12 months. This makes Google products more affordable if dropping hundreds of dollars at once is tough for your budget.

To use Google Store financing, you pick a monthly payment plan length – either 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months when checking out. Then the total cost gets divided evenly over your payment term. So if you choose 12 monthly payments for a $500 smart home device, your monthly instalment is about $42. Interest does apply but if paid quickly, you can avoid finance charges. Financing turns a large one-time payment into a series of smaller, manageable payments over time. It’s an easy way to get the Google device you want.

The Google Store Financing credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank, and customers can manage their accounts and make payments through the Synchrony Bank website or by calling 866-794-8802. There is no penalty for paying off the financing early, and the standard purchase APR for non-promotional purchases is 29.99% Steps to Apply for Google Store

How to pay Google Store financing Steps to Apply for Google Store

Paying off your Google Store financing loan is simple. First, go to the Synchrony Bank website at and log in to your account. To pay for Google Store financing, you can visit the Synchrony Bank website at or call 866-794-8802. Use your username and password to see your balance and minimum payment. On the payments page, enter the amount you want to pay. Add your credit card or bank details to submit the payment. It will go through right away.

If you financed through Klarna, open their app and pick your loan. Put in the payment amount you want to make. Submit your debit card, credit card, or banking info to pay it off immediately. You can also visit Klarna’s website and sign into your account to pay.

You can also use Doxo to pay your financing loan. Add your Google financing account to Doxo. Then you can securely pay with a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other options. Doxo sends the money directly to pay off your financing.

Paying back your Google Store financing loan is fast and easy using these methods. Let me know if you need any other details.

How do I apply for Google Store financingSteps to Apply for Google Store

To get Google Store financing, first visit the Google Store site and add the item you want to buy to your cart. When you go to checkout, choose the “Monthly Payments” option to pick a payment plan. This applies to financing through Synchrony Bank.

If Klarna financing shows up, you can also select “Pay with Klarna” to apply through them instead. Klarna will process your application right there.

If you already got approved for Google Store Financing before but can’t see it now, log into your Google Payments profile. Click “Payment methods” and then “Add payment method.” Choose the “Google Store Financing card” option and input the card number Synchrony Bank gave you.Steps to Apply for Google Store

Once approved, just select Google Store Financing as the payment option during checkout. Keep in mind this acts as a credit account issued by Synchrony Bank. After your purchase, you’ll get details from them on payment dates, balances, etc. So check your email inbox for that information from Synchrony to manage your financing account.

What is the interest rate for Google Store Financing?

Google Store financing offers 0% interest for certain promotional purchases if you make equal monthly payments. But for regular purchases without a promotion, the interest rate is a very high 29.99%. To avoid big interest fees, make all payments on time and pay off the full balance before the final date. Check the exact financing terms before you buy. Steps to Apply for Google Store

What is the minimum amount required to apply for Google Store Financing?

Google doesn’t say there’s a minimum purchase to get financing. But Synchrony Bank charges at least $2 in interest.

To apply for financing on the Google Store, go to the Synchrony Bank website at or call 866-794-8802.

You can manage your Google Store credit account on Synchrony’s website There you can check your account, make payments, or apply for financing for future Google Store buys.

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What is the duration of the financing period for Google Store Financing?

How long someone can finance a Google Store purchase depends on what they order. There are a few financing options:

  • If you are getting orders of over $149, a 12-month financing plan is available for you. The full amount will be paid off in 12 equal monthly payments within a year.
  • If the order has any A-Series Pixel phones, like the Pixel 7a, 24-month financing can be used. The total balance gets paid in full through 24 monthly instalments over 2 years.
  • Non-A-Series Pixels like the 7, 7 Pro and Fold can get 36-month financing. This pays off the purchase gradually over 36 months or 3 years.

The financing period offered depends on the Google Store products bought and the total order amount. Having options from 12 months up to 36 months gives the flexibility to pay over time through fixed-term personal loans.

Is there a Penalty for paying off my Google Store Financing Early?

When financing devices or accessories from the Google Store, customers can pay off their balance early with no penalty fees. However, the minimum monthly payments you want to make should be made on time to get the 0% promotional interest rate. While you can pay extra and settle the financing whenever you want, failing to pay the minimum by the due date results in high interest charges. Before applying, review the full terms and conditions. Customers are advised to pay at least the minimum monthly amount before the final financing date or pay in full early to avoid interest. There are no penalties for completing payments ahead of schedule, but regular on-time monthly payments are required.

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