7 November 2023

Top 7 Best Debit Cards for Kids in United States

By Moses Enang

Top 7 Best Debit Cards for Kids in United States: At a young age, teaching children financial management is very important and getting a debit card for them could be a good move in the right direction for financial literacy.

In choosing the best debit card for your child, you should consider the one that gives them the much-needed value with respect to their age, financial needs, and exposure to money. Nevertheless, for children who are much younger, a prepaid debit card should be considered while a debit card should be considered for the older children.

In this article, we will look at some debit cards that we consider appropriate for your child’s financial needs and goals.Must have Checking Account Features

Top 7 Best Debit Card for Kids in United States

What are the Best Debit Cards for Kids?

The best debit cards for kids are listed below. Read on to see the top-recommended options and identify their key features, benefits, and reasons why they are great choices for children.

1. Famzoo Prepaid Card: https://qckmoney.com/

This is a prepaid card sponsored by the Famzoo app. It gives your child the liberty to learn financial intelligence amongst other things. They charge about $2.50 – $5.99 monthly on the card with a free one-month trial on the first use of the card.Types Of Bank Accounts

To be eligible, the child has to be at least 13 years of age and it’s the child’s name that would be written on the card. The institution also charges a fee of up to $4.95 for instant options such as digital wallets or cash transfers and also keeps track of all the transactions on the card in a digital format. Famzoo offers an opportunity for both child and parent to check the account dashboard.

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2. Jassby Virtual Debit Card:

With an age requirement of 8 to 17, the Jassby Virtual Debit card made for kids has an application that is very easy to use by children of all ages. As a parent who has considerable kids, this card seems to be the best because you can take total control of every transaction on the card.

The Card costs $3.95 monthly but as a new user, you get a one-month free trial. With the app, parents can delegate certain responsibilities such as chores to children and have them earn money from doing their chores and with the app, your kids can make contactless payments and receive awesome rewards.

3. Chase First Banking: 

The eligible age to own, and operate this debit card is  6-17 years old with no monthly fee. In order to use this app, you need to first be a customer. With the debit card, your kids first learn how to save, spend and earn money just with their card and a mobile app.

With this bank, you as the parent can monitor the spending habits and then encourage them to inculcate good money habits, with its app you could also assign your children chores and help set up different savings goals. They offer free charges when withdrawing from Chase ATMs.

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4. GoHenry Debit Card:

This debit card specifically targets kids between the ages of 6 to 18 years. It carries a monthly fee of $4.99. The card aims to teach children smart money management skills by allowing parents to set spending rules and limits after loading funds onto their child’s debit card.

This card allows parents to set spending limits and tasks for kids to earn money. When your child uses the card to make a purchase, you as the parent receive a notification, letting you track spending. Kids can withdraw money overseas at no cost and split checks with friends. The card provides parental controls and tracking while empowering kids with flexibility and financial responsibility.6 Common Budgeting Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

5. Greenlight Debit Card:

Greenlight Debit Card has no limit on age, however, its monthly fee is about $4.99 to $14.98 with a free one-month trial. When it comes to debit cards for kids, this card ranks as the most popular as it teaches kids how to spend wisely, invest and save money for the future.

There is a parental control feature on the card and with this feature, you can get notifications each time transactions are made in the card. Greenlight allows users to create periodic allowances for the children if that’s what they want to achieve.Must have Checking Account Features

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6. Cooper Debit card:

This debit card targets kids 6 years and older and charges no monthly fee. The card’s app features financial quizzes designed to boost children’s money management literacy. By using the app, kids can actively increase their financial knowledge. The free card aims to educate children on finance through hands-on experience and engaging quizzes.

Copper has a lot of financial tools that ensure your kids make better decisions when it comes to finances. As your children grow into teenagers, they can use this card to make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Evolve Bank and Trust offers this card and charges some fees for services. A key benefit is that it allows teenagers to transact on the Mastercard network.


7. Jelli: 

This is a card that’s designed for teenagers and beyond. With a monthly fee of $2.99, users of the card can learn to budget the funds within their disposal aside from making money with their card on qualified purchases. Kids can then share their deposits between saving and spending categories according to their definitions.

This card has a feature that allows family members to share Jelli jars to facilitate sending payments to one another. Aside from being an account holder, a Jelli account is a bank account as the funds are duly insured by FDIC and when you get a Visa, you get zero-liability coverage.6 Common Budgeting Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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